Welcome to Halo Film Systems

Halo Film Systems has grown out of a company called Photo Higher.  Kimberley Attwell, the inspiration behind the company, started designing camera gimbals for aerial photography with remote controlled helicopters as a hobby back in 2002.  In 2006 he established Photo Higher and started manufacturing his first commercially available gimbal called the Fly Pod.

Since then Photo Higher products have earned an enviable reputation in the aerial photography market for their excellent design, great looks and ease of operation. One of the biggest challenges was to design camera gimbals that were stable and light weight so they could be lifted by RC helicopter as well as Multi-rotor helicopter systems. When Photo Higher started developing the Halo system for UAV’s we knew we had created some innovative technology that could not only be used on Drones and for aerial photography, but because of its light weight and general functionality, would work just as well as a hand held system. 

We saw this as the opportunity to create a truly innovative solution for the film industry that not only looked good, but would perform as well or better than existing brand name options and at a truly competitive price.   We believe that the Halo Film Systems gimbals available from this site will set a new bench mark for stabilized camera gimbals systems and the story has just begun; our commitment to innovation will have us constantly striving to develop new and innovative improvements in years to come.